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Luxury Apartment

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While most luxury apartments had keypad locks, you preferred  the one with cards. You thought you'd only be using the card when entering the apartment. It turned out that you'd also be using the card when leaving. This was an additional security measure since there was someone who hacked the apartment's program. You'd have to live with this for a couple weeks until everything was stable. Almost everybody in the property was glad to hear this except you. You had a tendency to lose things that weren't attached to anything else. You wanted the card to be hanging on your wallet. However, it was very sensitive. The card should have no holes. Or it would lose its purpose. So for many days, you tried to figure out the best way to always have your card with you. Then again, it was only effective when your days were slow.

The moment busy days came, you had to always run around the house trying to find your card. Sometimes you'd find it in an instant. But most of the time you'd have to flip some things to remember where you left it. Play Luxury Apartment room escape game by First Escape Games.

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