Valentine House Escape 5 Game

Valentine House Escape 5

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It wasn't your friend's effort the last time. But you still managed to escape. This made you think of other persons who would want you to celebrate Valentine's day. So you looked back on what happened before you got inside the house. You really couldn't point out anyone. But the guy you hadn't seen for years kept on popping up in your mind. You saw him yet he surely didn't see you. He didn't even glance at you. While thinking about these stuffs, your phone received a message. It was from an unknown number. You read the contents and it was from the guy you saw. He said he didn't have enough courage to greet you at that time. However, he found it hard to keep you out of his mind. So he looked everywhere for ways to communicate with you.

He was a good guy as far as your memory remembered him. And when he asked to meet you, you just found hard to say no. Deep in your heart you wanted to know how he was as well. Yet you also weren't so sure if the person sending the texts was really him. However, there was only one way to find out. Play Valentine House Escape 5 room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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