Lovely Mushroom Boy Rescue

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The mushroom boy as weird as he looks, shows signs of being intelligent more so than a regular person! But because of his delicate state though and looks, his parents decided to keep him inside for not all people are accepting of things that are different. The mushroom boy was joyful though, he wasn’t at all a problem to his parents and his intellect always shows. One day however, his parents weren’t all too happy of what happened to him, for he went missing and they were both in a frantic state then when they realized that!

As the father of the family, Gerome is really looking everywhere for his son and he is starting to point some suspects here for from the start, there are indeed people who are not at all accepting of his boy, and so he searched extensively until eventually, he found him! Gerome found his son in a cage and he almost broke-down when he found his boy in such a condition, despite it though his son was still smiling at him when they saw each other. Okay now, Gerome is going to get him out of there and quickly, will you help him so that the safety of his boy can finally be assured?

Lovely Mushroom Boy Rescue is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Games 4 King.