Golden Beetle Escape

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Golden beetles are pretty much rare now and can be scarcely found in this one patch of forested land which was also protected by the government. As one of the persons who were assigned to preserve the animals there, Boris was sent again to the forest for it is now time to get one specimen for the preserving activities especially for these rare beetles, it’s nice to see them again glittering amongst the bark of trees.

Escape players, Boris’ task for the day is to retrieve one golden beetle from the forest for they are currently doing a breed and release program which will come to save these creatures in the long run. Boris is really happy with his job here, for tomorrow it’s a different specimen again to catch, breed, and release. But that day it will only be a golden beetle so will you help him on this task escape players? Go ahead then help him navigate the foliage-filled place and check some of his traps too which he just set earlier, it’s all to preserve the animals there in the slowly dwindling forest.

Golden Beetle Escape is the newest point and click wilderness retrieval escape game from WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Golden Beetle Escape

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