Love Golden Bee Escape Game

Love Golden Bee Escape

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Bridgette tried her very best to make her garden beautiful for she has a goal, and that is to see those golden bees which aren't bees really, but some sort of insect and they are very beautiful to watch. It is said when those insects comes to one's garden which they do usually in pairs, it means their garden is healthy and lush, that's why Bridgette did her very best to keep her garden to the highest of health. Which hadn't been in vain for two golden bees arrived in her garden one day!

Bridgette longed for this moment to come, and now it came and that means her place is healthy! But little did she know however that her garden has some traps which she failed to retrieve, and that unfortunately trapped one of the golden bees that came to her area that day! Bridgette found-out about this quickly for she had been following the bees around her garden, and when that happened she immediately responded to help the pair. Bridgette doesn't want to agitate either of the two insects, for she wanted them to return daily and this trap hopefully did not traumatize them. Escape players, want to help Bridgette here free the trapped golden bee as carefully and quickly as you can? Go ahead then and try not to stress the trapped one out.

Love Golden Bee Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by WoW Escape.

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  1. Date: February 8, 2021
    Author: b165042407
    Oh, my poor eyes! I was able to run this game on two different sites, but... I wish I didn't. The WoW programmers have clearly decided to forget about large screens and high resolution altogether: with fullscreen, the pixelation is so huge that the whole picture is blurred! Oh, by the way, about SSL. Interestingly, have WoW heard about Google's intention to stop ALL supporting http for the Chromium engine, leaving only htts? A great surprise awaits WoW... [Reply]

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