Love Birds Rescue Game

Love Birds Rescue

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The day in the village was pleasant again and for Allen, it was time to check the cages again for the weekly catch. Allen is a hunter, but he follows regulations so that the forest won't be depleted of animals, well as he checks into one that he had placed inside a tree, he found two animals and it was the kind that he never really takes from the forest, and those are lovebirds of lovely colors and too bad for them though that they had fallen under Allen's trap. But not to worry now, for he will set them free, that's if he can open the doors of his cage though.

Allen was ready to free the birds to the forest now, but the locks of the cage however is prohibiting him to open the contraption! It seems to be that the cage had been tinkered into and now it needs something else in-order to open. Escape players, Allen is not going to just let the birds be in his cage, but he also doesn't want to destroy his cage for getting one is not that easy. Will you have a way on how to free the birds? Place yourself on the situation of Allen then and let us see your skills!

Love Birds Rescue is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 Escape.

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