Vintage Love House Escape Game

Vintage Love House Escape
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The vintage house here is the fruit of Raine's grandparent's love and a whole lot of hard-work through the years, that's why the entire family keeps it in good condition but then most refused of getting the house for themselves, that's because they already have a home so, they just point to Raine who was only starting in making a life on her own, to inherit the place. They knew her as a trustworthy person and she is family, that's why the house had fallen to her hands. Raine checked the rooms then first thing the next morning and everything was good, wide and spacious especially the living-room, but she didn't expect to face a problem there though and any help was no where in sight for she came in alone!

Raine got somehow lost in the house and a bit trapped for some of the doors could not be opened! What? She didn't lock anything, but it seems that the house is alive and playing tricks on her. So that's why nobody would take the house, but nevertheless it is a heirloom place and she'll take it whatever resides in it that she couldn't see. She needs to solve this problem here first though, care to join in escape players with Raine and see if you can all escape from the house?

Vintage Love House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Fun Escape Games.

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