Lofty House Escape

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The cozy house in the neighborhood is not any ordinary house just standing there, even though it is roomy inside and great to live in, it had been built for escape challenges and people are now welcome to try it! One of the first takers was Gerald and he is quite confident he’ll pass the tests of the house, that’s why he is first in line. And now, he is inside and the place was indeed normal as he saw it, a few non-typical things around but those hold clues though and it’s good that they are there.

Gerald will now begin his escape but as he tries however, he realizes that it’s actually not that easy! It is easy at some parts but quite challenging in the others. Gerald needs to solve this now for this had caught him off guard and also, he is risking the prize of the place if he doesn’t escape the quickest! Escape players, you play as Gerald here now and you must be ready to take-on this escape challenge. Will your skills and logic be enough on this one?

Lofty House Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.