Jovial Bugbear Escape

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John is hiding a pretty serious secret in his home, for he had rescued a baby vampire once, that’s because his fellow villagers have killed her parents for as vampires, they were accused of causing mischief in the land. So a mob was assembled and the deed carried-out, it wasn’t easy but they got the job done. As one of the mob, John was suppose to kill the last vampire there which was still an infant. John can definitely thwart evil but what has a kid had done to deserve this even though it’s not human? After all they didn’t have proof the vampires were the cause of what horrors had been happening around.

And so John rescued the baby secretly and from then the rest was history. The baby grew at a normal rate but started to slow when it hit 7. Those happenings of the past happened 30 years ago, but still the young vampire stayed in the 7 to 8 year-old state. That early evening, John decided that it’s time once again for her to go out and venture around, he has high trust on her for she can move very fast and has super strength, as long as she doesn’t do anything that can be traced to her. Little did John know something will happen to that vampire girl whom he calls his daughter now, and escape players he is going to need your help. Want to find-out what happened to his daughter and see if you can indeed help?

Jovial Bugbear Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Games 4 King.