Harmless Chameleon Escape

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You had a pet chameleon and you found the little guy in the nearby forest when you went on a hike there one day. At first it broke a fight against you, but you dearly tried to tame it and fortunately you were successful. That chameleon of yours is now the picture of the village where you live, for the animal is actually a rare species of such! You’ve got to find a pair one day so it can procreate, for if it is rare then there should be more of them out there. One evening however, something happened to that chameleon, for it is now gone!

It was nowhere to be found and even though it is a concerning situation, you really were a bit calm for this has happened before, usually you are going to find it somewhere in the village, but your great concern was if it ever returns to the forest, then you’ll never be able to find it again. Escape players, on this challenge you are the owner of the chameleon and you need to get it back quick, for not only it can escape to the forest, there are cats around the area and other predators which can definitely hunt it. Not to mention if it’s ever inside a house then you’ll have to knock on ever door of your neighbors which is a disturbance especially now in the night. Will you be able to find and maybe rescue that chameleon somewhere?

Harmless Chameleon Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.