Locked In The Cellar Game

Locked In The Cellar

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The cellar underneath the house is definitely not small, George has everything he needs down there and those really fit the room, even then there is still space to spare. George that day was planning to go down to his cellar again to play some video games, but somehow his memory was cut from there and when he woke-up, he found himself in the cellar. That's very strange, for the last place he remembered where he was is at his bedroom, but the fireplace is already lit and the stuff he usually puts on when he is down there are on, maybe he just didn't remember for he slept on the sofa immediately? But unfortunately there was problem, one that got George really thinking.

As George approach the cellar doors so he can get back up to the house, he realized that it was locked and he couldn't open it! George tried hard but the thing would not budge, maybe this has something to do with his missing memory? Maybe somebody knocked him out and then placed him in the cellar? Now those perpetrators could be ransacking the house at this very moment! George's mind ran wild, that's why he needs to escape from there so he'll find-out what's really going-on there. Escape players, will you help George here on his escape and quickly? Go ahead then and be ready for anything.

Locked In The Cellar is the newest point and click room escape game created by Selfdefiant.

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