Rescue The Cute Queen Game

Rescue The Cute Queen

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The queen was with only one security in the house which was a mystery to everybody, she is having her vacation and she wants peace, that's why the security detail was down to a minimum. The single security in the house has all the pressures poured to him, but he is an expert in his craft and that's why he was chosen to guard the queen while the others are out in the perimeter. That security was James and that day he never expected he'll come across a problem with a queen there.

James was just standing in a corner looking for anything suspicious when suddenly, he heard the queen call for help! It sounded urgent and James quickly responded to it. The queen was actually trapped in one of the rooms there and it seems minor, but as a security personnel James must not let anything get passed through him for there could be something serious underneath this issue. Escape players, James is going to try and get the queen out from where she is trapped and so, will you help-out as well? Carefully then and stay alert.

Rescue The Cute Queen is another new point and click indoor rescue escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

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