Small Town Escape (Selfdefiant)

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The town nearby is pretty old, so old that it actually started from very small settlers and now it looks like a small city. Arman lives there now but still he haven’t been to many places around the town for he moved-in just 5 years ago, from then he had been busy creating a life for himself there, soon it will go down to him finally relaxing he hopes. One day however, he got a temporary relief so he wanted to spend that by roaming around the town. After an hour, guess he went in too deep into the place for the area was not familiar to him anymore. Even though the town here is small, it is still too big for a person to explore it all in one day.

Arman is now lost in the town but he is relaxed though for he has the entire day for himself, he’ll just have to navigate and hopefully he won’t get even more lost in the place. Escape players, come and test your skills and logic here with Arman, try your best to escape from where the challenge started and get home before dark.

Small Town Escape is another new point and click escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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Walkthrough video for Small Town Escape (Selfdefiant)

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