Living Room Escape (Ekey Games)

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The new apartment Larry got has rooms that are segmented, that’s a bit of an inconvenience for him for he prefers just a wide room with everything in it and the walls is just hindering that, but at least he now has his own home after a while of living with his friends, so there is nothing really to complain. Well complain he did that day, for while he was in his living-room relaxing and waiting for the time to come to buy some dinner, he realized that there was an issue there.

Larry knew he didn’t like segmented rooms, for when he tried the door in his living-room so he can get-out, he could no longer do so for the thing seems to be locked! Not normally locked however, but locked that it’s jammed or something! Larry doesn’t have a clue what’s going-on there, he just got this new place a few days ago and surely this ain’t some paranormal thing here now, or is it? Escape players, how will you be able to escape here if you are faced with the same situation as Larry’s? Go ahead and give it a go then.

Living Room Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Ekey Games.