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Escape From Tiny House

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The small village is now pretty far from what it used to be, it was once a traditional place but it got evacuated for decades due to the war, and when the former residents there returned, they found their houses damaged and pillaged. That happened even more decades ago though, the people have already renovated the place and have used the foundations of their old houses so they can rebuild and be modernized! As a result of that, the houses looks like a mix of old and new, it was actually pretty good to look at, that brought in tourists for not only the houses are great there, but the ambiance as well and the scenery picturesque.

Even Mario was pulled into the place and he had to travel internationally just to get there for he was foreign. It was pretty easy to get a house to stay there and it is much easier to roam around for guests are very much welcomed by the locals. That day however when Mario returned to the house he was staying, he experienced a not-so easy little problem and now escape players, it's a new challenge for you once again! How will you successfully solve Mario's problem here now? Go ahead and try not to damage anything in the house as you figure-out what's going-on.

Escape From Tiny House is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Top 10 New Games.

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