Little Witch Cage Of Mystery

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The Halloween world is now open to enter for it’s Halloween’s eve and the access to the place can only be done by then. But nobody would enter the place though for everyone is in their right minds and they don’t want to hassle themselves with the spooks there. But Merle will be entering there though, he is in the right mind and actually he is going there for a rescue.

Merle will be rescuing the little witch who was living in that world for he got her message that she is trapped in some sort of cage. She is called the little witch for her appearance is just a little girl in some witch costume, but looks can be deceiving though, for she is actually very old and also pretty powerful. That’s why Merle questions this, for if she has powers then why isn’t she able to free herself from the cage? Well, he’ll know soon. But because they are friends, he will come in to rescue her. Escape players, Merle is risking life and limb here going in this dark place, will you join him then so he can go in, do the rescue, and then get out safely?

Little Witch Cage Of Mystery is another new point-and-click spooky rescue escape game made by Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Little Witch Cage Of Mystery

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