Lion Escape Breakout From The Cage

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Joe have been trying to find his friend here in the forest which had gone missing a few days ago, he had been trying hard and much harder today for he is starting to get very worried of his friend here which is a lion! Where could he be? Joe did not give-up in trying to find his friend and fortunately, that paid-off for he found him! But unfortunately, this lion friend of his is trapped in some cage.

Escape players, Joe is now very furious that some cage captured his friend, he is going to get him out of there, but it seems that he needs to find something first so he can free his friend there. Come and join Joe here rescue his lion friend, help him out so that his emotions won’t get the better of him and he makes a mistake.

Lion Escape Breakout From The Cage is the newest point-and-click animal rescue escape game created by 8B Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Lion Escape Breakout From The Cage

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