Leonor And Raúl: Christmas

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Leonor and Raul went somewhere for Christmas and it is so important that they couldn’t stay with their kids for the occasion. But they did left their children with something though, Christmas gifts which they need to find first around the house for it is kept in there somewhere.

Leonor and Raul’s children are now ready for this, for they want those presents and their parents insisted of them to find it as soon as possible. Escape players, the children here will have a challenge of their lives for Leonor and Raul are kind of good at stuff like this. Would you like to accompany the young one’s here and also see if you can help them?

Leonor And Raúl: Christmas is the newest point-and-click item retrieval indoor game from Esklavos.

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Walkthrough video for Leonor And Raúl: Christmas

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