It Can Happen – The Blot

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Carl, James, and Maggie congregated in the living-room for there seems to be some enchantment in their kitchen. Some sort of different dimension was colliding with theirs as it looks and this could be a real danger for every single one in this universe. The three friends didn’t think then that this was magic after some thinking, for they found-out that this was the result of their very complicated science project!

For the three friends this is definitely a breakthrough, for their project actually had some really promising results here. But this could very well pose a threat to the earth and probably everything in the universe. Escape players, Carl, James, and Maggie here is going to need some help in fixing this for any increase in manpower is always advantageous. Want to help them then with this quantum thing that is happening while it can still be solved?

It Can Happen – The Blot is a brand new point-and-click science escape game released by Esklavos.

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Walkthrough video for It Can Happen – The Blot

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1 year ago

Finally! A new super game!

10 months ago

Where did the bedroom go to? I’m stuck in the lounge