Lava Castle Escape Game

Lava Castle Escape

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The lava castle is not called the lava castle for nothing, for it stands in the middle of a volcano! It is a long-abandoned one which the king had built several hundred years ago for no apparent reason. One day, Adam decided to check the place out even though the dangers there are imminent, steam is coming-out from the cracks and seismic activity had been observed after a thousand-years it was dormant. Adam thought this could be the last chance he'll figure-out the secrets of the castle before it will be swallowed by the now going active volcano. But as he traverses the place, instead of getting in-trouble thanks to the volcano there, he had a different problem and he was unsuspecting of it.

Adam successfully made his way inside the castle but then it was like a maze in there! That got Adam lost and it's now two problems he had brought himself on this adventure, one was the danger of the volcano, and two was if he is still able to escape the place. Escape players, of course Adam will try his best to escape before worst-case scenario happens, care to join in  with him and see if you can escape out of the castle here which had active lava below?

Lava Castle Escape is the newest point and click ancient structure escape game created by Selfdefiant.

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