Desert Tribal Rescue Game

Desert Tribal Rescue

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Paul and his partner went to the old tribal village located in the desert so they can record the daily lives of their indigenous people. They have already done this before but that was years ago and the data needs update and additional ones too. Off the two went to the desert and after half a day of traveling, they began their work quickly for they haven't got enough time to spend there. Paul and his friend went separate ways in the village, one was assigned to check-out the people's houses and the other was for the interview. Paul was assigned in the houses and he realized after years of not visiting, their houses got a little more comfortable, Paul was delighted with it. But he can't say so for his friend though, for he got trapped inside one!

Paul's companion just got himself trapped in one of the tribe's houses and he can't get himself out! Nobody knows why he got trapped in there and of course they can't destroy anything to get him out, Paul must help him for they are visitors and mustn't cause trouble. Escape players, help Paul here get his clumsy friend out and safely too, keep it calm or somebody might anger the chief.

Desert Tribal Rescue is another new point and click house rescue escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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