King’s Castle

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Something mysterious is happening in the castle here and as the king you should really know about it. But you don’t at the moment and about that, there should be guards on every corner of this place, but currently there weren’t a soul in sight. What is happening here? Are you in a dream or something? Did the enemy attack? As the king you should know everything your domain, but you seem to be the one who is most clueless here, well you are technically all alone there, and to top the situation off some of the ancient doors there are locked and you couldn’t get out!

You need to get out of the castle now for you are seriously thinking that this could be a dream and you’ll only wake-up when you escape from there. If it isn’t then maybe there might be some answers outside the castle on what’s actually happening here. Escape players, you are the ruler of this place, but it seems you have no idea what’s the situation currently here and why everyone was missing, also you are trapped in there! Will you be able to escape so you’ll find-out what in the world is happening?

King’s Castle is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from 365 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for King’s Castle

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