Madagascar King Julien XIII Escape

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Axel went to Madagascar for he was on the search for this king Julien the 13th! Nobody knows about this king and currently Axel’s journey too, that’s because this search of his is secret and this king Julien the 13th he was trying to look for, is actually a prideful and mischievous Madagascan ring-tailed lemur! This definitely sounds ridiculous, but this is an absolutely legit task here for Axel has a message to king Julien and it’s from the four smart penguin operatives whom he can communicate to none verbally.

Knowing this, nothing surprises Axel anymore and because the penguins said this is a really important mission and the whole world could be at risk here, he went. Axel did his extensive search until that led him to this decent house which doesn’t look different at all, just a normal place standing there alone. That’s until he heard something from the inside and it sounded like a ruckus! Axel would never expect what he’ll find in the rooms there but on a different note, he actually found what he was looking for. But he is going to work though just a little bit for that. Escape players, you are now on the shoes of Axel here, care to see what’s inside the house which the little information you acquired has gotten you to?

Madagascar King Julien XIII Escape is another new point and click indoor rescue escape game made by 8b Games.

Walkthrough video for Madagascar King Julien XIII Escape


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