Indiana 2022

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Lester have this strange condition that he wakes-up in strange places and he have no memory at all of what he just did prior. He is advised to stay at home and have someone with him at all times. But that day it seems that his luck was out, for he wasn’t with anybody at that moment and it so happened that his condition kicked-in! Lester woke-up maybe a few hours in this place where houses were, it was dark for it was night and when he asked one person where he was he told him that he is in Indiana!

Okay, Lester is very far from home now? Did that mean he traveled all the way here and he doesn’t recall not one bit of it? Well there is no denying that he traveled all the way here for there is no way he would just magically pop somewhere, his condition got him again and that really brought him a lesson to never be alone at all times. Okay then he needs to get home for this place is not familiar to him. Escape players, want to accompany Lester here so he can get home safely?

Indiana 2022 is the newest point and click area escape game from Selfdefiant.

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