Help Mr Piggy Rescue Ms Piggy

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Mr. piggy left the kids for a moment at their house for he just discovered that his wife Mrs. piggy just got trapped in some cage outside! He just knew that for his neighbors had told him and they couldn’t get her out. And so Mr. piggy asked his eldest daughter to watch the babies for he’ll come and see what happened, when he got there he saw that the issue was exactly what his neighbors had told him.

Escape players, Mr. piggy have no idea why his wife is in there or how she got inside, he doesn’t even know who this thing belongs to. It does not look familiar to any of them so the thing they can only do was look at it and find a way on how to open it. Mr. piggy is now in the scene and the problem is still hard to solve. Okay then escape players, will you help Mr. piggy here so that he can get his wife out from that strange cage safely? Careful then for this cage might hurt Mrs. piggy as you all try to get her out.

Help Mr Piggy Rescue Ms Piggy is a new outdoors rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Help Mr Piggy Rescue Ms Piggy

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