Hunter Tribe Man Escape Game

Hunter Tribe Man Escape

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Hunter Tribe Man Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Avm Games for more daring rescues here with us. Best of luck!

The village lives alongside a tribe and both respect each other, that's the secret of no conflict and for years, the villagers also benefit from the tribe for they are most helpful and offers their produce to the people. The village is indeed small, but even they have a local hero and that person is Janus, he responds to every call and every problem that needs his strength. One day, a problem occurred once again and his skills are now needed.

One of the tribesman was fixing one of the house in the village for he was owed the house if he can ever fix it. But he got accidentally got trapped inside it though for the doors would not open mysteriously! This is clearly an accident and nobody knows what else this was about? But Janus cannot disclose the possibility of foul-play for in every society, there is always this one Judas who cares only about himself and his emotions. But anyways, Janus must save that native man first for he is a friend and if anyone treats anyone there like a foe, Janus will directly deal with him or her. Escape players, want to join Janus here and see if you can all rescue that trapped tribesman? Go try then everyone and have fun on the rescue!


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