Find The Forest House Key Game

Find The Forest House Key

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Check-out the fun item retrieval here with us! Find The Forest House Key is a brand new point and click key search escape game from Games 2 Jolly. Enjoy everyone!

The houses in the forest here are built like a Hobbit's place, that is to really not destroy any nature there while the inhabitants live in that place in peace. One of those residents in those Hobbit houses there was Efrem and everyday he comes out of the place, either to get food from the nearby market, or just to collect firewood from the area. One day however as Efrem was from his daily errands in the area, he finally came-back to his small Hobbit house but there was a problem though, for he had now lost his keys to his place!

Efrem didn't even take his keys out and he knows it had been in his pocket the rest of the way, okay now he needs to retrace his steps just to find those keys somewhere. Escape players, Efrem is currently in a dilemma and he really can't destroy his door for locks here are pretty hard to acquire. Care to join in on the item retrieval with Efrem and see if you can find it? Go ahead then and good luck on your adventure around the trail Efrem passed.

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