House Cat Escape Game

House Cat Escape

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Lorelei have been trying to find her big cat for days now and she is starting to get concerned. Her cat is a bit of a giant than the rest of the cats there in the area and most of the day it does nothing but sits around and wait for food. Now that the animal is lost and she doesn't know where it is, it's really giving her a great amount of worry. That day, Lorelei have finally had it so she freed herself the entire day just to find her pet cat around the place. She just needs to knock on every door in the area and she will be answered, her neighbors are good people and happy, the houses there which are shaped like mushrooms are really giving that happy vibes. But Lorelei isn't going to be completely gleeful though until she finds her cat.

Escape players, will you help Lorelei here find her missing cat somewhere in the area? She just hopes to finally solve it that day so she doesn't have to invest more worrying tomorrow. Join Lorelei and try your best to find the cat.

House Cat Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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