Space Marines Escape Game

Space Marines Escape

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A hundred years in the future, humans have already built cities in different terrains most especially on Mars and the moon, they have also implemented the space marines to patrol space and especially the inner solar system. Dwight was one of those Marines and at the moment they are suffering from some issue for an alien race is starting to act hostile to the home-world. It's getting scarier too and that's why HQ had commanded the entire office unit to evacuate a certain area where encounters might potentially occur. Dwight had no choice even though he wanted to fight, he must escape for he is under-equipped now and of course he is not making haste on the attack, for he'll get his chance soon.

Escape players, Dwight needs to evacuate where he was and it's most likely in space. Will you join in the escape and see if you can make it out of the facility as well? Use your skills and logic then, if someone needs a rescue then go at it for that's one of the objectives of a Marine, to protect. Place yourself on the shoes of Dwight and be ready.

Space Marines Escape is a brand new point and click space escape game from 365 Escape.

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