Duplex Apartment Escape Game

Duplex Apartment Escape

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Merigold was lucky that her wealthy friend had allowed her to stay in her place for free for the mansion was an apartment and there are people in the place staying in their respective rooms. Merigold was told by her friend to just be quiet about that however, for if everybody knew that she wasn't paying and everybody does then that would be unfair to them. She wants Merigold to keep it a low until she gets back on her feet. That day, Merigold went out of her room to check the place and it was great, she began to think that the engineers of this place might be real professionals in their craft. But her admiration of the place was short-lived though for when she was about to return to her room, she realized that she is lost in the halls!

Merigold couldn't find the way back and she was struggling down the maze-like halls in the house! She doesn't want to bother any residents there so she decided that she'll do this on her own and solve this quickly too, for when her friend finds-out that she went-out then she might get scolded. Escape players, Merigold needs help here in the mansion, will you be able to give your hand for it?

Duplex Apartment Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Ekey Games.

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