Honey Bee Escape For Christmas

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Carlo is a bee farmer here in a place quite hostile to such creatures, well only in winter times though, for they thrive well here when summer comes. But Carlo creates artificial environments for them as he harvests their honey at times, that’s why he needs to get them inside his warm rooms when such times comes. That day though it seems that he is going to rescue one of his bees, for he noticed that something seems to be wrong with one of his colonies, upon careful checking he noticed that it was missing its queen!

Carlo knew something was wrong with this one, he needs to get it back then for not only if he doesn’t then this colony here could collapse, if the queen is ever outside then he needs to get it in or it will freeze to death outside in the cold. Carlo needs to find the queen and rescue one of his colonies here, want to help him escape players so that he won’t be too late here? Quickly then and may you all find this queen in time.

Honey Bee Escape For Christmas is a new outdoors animal rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Honey Bee Escape For Christmas

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