Help The Brother And Sister

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Luca and Brod are brother and sister and at the moment, they are foraging across the primordial land. We are back in the times when humans are only beginning to discover farming, but it’s not widely practiced though, so we are in a time when humans are still foragers. That day, Luca and Brod discovered a new place to probably take shelter, they found a cave and it’s far better than where they are living at the moment. But little did they know that the place is kind of like a maze, and as they try to leave the tunnels, Luca got in some trouble and Brod is definitely her only hope!

Brod doesn’t understand at first what’s happening, he can’t find Luca anymore, but he only understood when Luca called from a distance. She is trapped in something inside the tunnels and she needs help right-now! Escape players, Brod doesn’t have experience in rescuing here, but he is tough enough to take on challenges. Will you be the brains of this rescue then for Luca? Help him then and do not abandon Luca.

Help The Brother And Sister is the newest point-and-click cave rescue escape game from Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Help The Brother And Sister

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