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Heavenly Angel Escape

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The land where the kingdom stands have been reformed, not totally, the vegetation are all still there but only made to look good to the eyes of the people. In their generations-long rule over the land, the royal family knows of the weird things that had been and living in the wilderness nearby, and some were even their allies but only in secret for the general population would not understand and they would always cause an uprising whenever things are open-up to them, so it's best to keep it a secret to maintain order. That day even, the prince was roaming around the forest for he wanted to meet some of his friends who were all mystical in nature. The prince would do this at times and there would be no problem or anything, but that day something was up and it's about one of the mystics there!

The prince found-out about a being who got in trouble there and he was told by the others of who or what it is, but the problem was they don't even know the being and to them, they haven't seen her before. The prince was told of what seems to be a trapped angel and it was having a hard-time trying to escape! The prince was shocked! A real live angel? That is very new here, new enough that the mystics there all decided not to go near her. But there was a being here that needs help and whatever it is, the prince must help. Escape players, the prince doesn't know where to even begin with this something he just discovered, but he'll help though and maybe he'll get some answers afterwards. Want to help the prince here in saving that angel for who knows what can be accomplished here?

Heavenly Angel Escape is the newest point and click wilderness rescue escape game created by WoW Escape.

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