Badness Lemur Escape Game

Badness Lemur Escape

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Winter had come to the place and game animals are of scarcity now as well as food, that's because everything is in hiding from the cold now including humans. As a person who lives in a village in the middle of it all, Beau notices this and that's why like through the years he had been living in the place, he will again adjust. One day Beau was just roaming around the area looking for something and because he has nothing to do that day, this is his way of killing time. Well on his check here however, he didn't know he'll find something and it was only apparent when he came close to it.

Beau knows about this rare animal which was kind of a menace to them for it steals food and takes things interesting to it. That animal is a type of lemur that lives in the cold! Such a different kind of animal that is, but the Earth still has heap-loads of uncovered secrets and that lemur is just one tiny sliver of it. Beau came to find one of them and it was trapped in something. Beau came close and he confirmed it, but the animal was a bit feisty and that would suggest it hadn't been trapped in there for too long. Well Beau can't kill the animal even if it is a menace to them, and plus they can't eat it too, the creature was also rare so he'll just free it for maybe one day they can all coexist with each other no problem. Escape players, Beau needs a little help here though for the thing that is trapping it is kind of uncooperative, will you help out so that the lemur can be freed?

Badness Lemur Escape is a new outdoors animal rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.


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