Halloween Escape From Panic Place Game

Halloween Escape From Panic Place

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Escape players, check-out this scary place escape here with us for fun! Halloween Escape From Panic Place is the newest point and click graveyard escape game from Top 10 New Games. Have fun!

The graveyard nearby is getting everyone panicked every time they come to pass the area and it's more than just skeletal remains which lays to rest in the place that's scaring everyone. That's why one night as a detective, Hurley went to spy the area and see what is up, she plans to figure-out what's making these police reports pile-up and maybe she'll find something which can potentially solve another crime. Well as she expected, there's actually someone making his dwelling there and that's why everyone who is living near the area fear the place especially at night!

Hurley found-out that there was a man in there, potentially crazy and he was the one who is chasing the people out of the cemetery grounds! Hurley is now being chased by him and because she seems to be missing her most important tool for this which was her firearms, there is nothing to do but to escape quickly and call for back-up. Escape players, care to join in the escape here with Hurley? Go ahead then and keep running until you find the way out. Good luck!



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