Tech Conference Escape Game

Tech Conference Escape

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Check the escape adventure here at the office everyone. Tech Conference Escape is a brand new point and click office escape game released by Genie Fun Games. Have Fun!

The conference room is now cleared of guests and as the secretary of the boss, Juniper must keep that room clean for conferences can occur at any time and that area must be okay to use always. Juniper was already rounding-up stuff and throwing trash that had left, but as she did so something very weird happened and it's one of the nightmares which she only thinks of at times.

Juniper was finished in the conference room and she was ready to leave to tend to other tasks that needs to be done, but when she tried the door, she realized she could not get it to open! Two disadvantages of the room was that it never has another way out if one gets trapped inside and two, it is soundproof which means nobody can hear her screaming for help! Escape players, Juniper here is on-edge now for not only that she is trapped, the creepy stories told to her about the office before is starting to come-back and that's really bothering her. Care to join Juniper here and see if you can help her find the way out? Good luck then and do this quickly for work is piling-up by the hour.

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