Halloween Escape From Graveyard House Game

Halloween Escape From Graveyard House

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Halloween Escape From Graveyard House is a brand new point and click scary escape game from Top 10 New Games. Enjoy this Halloween themed game here with us!

The graveyard near the village where Byron lives is so wide that there are people living there and their houses are like old and big! He just wonders sometimes why would people live in such a place for it's actually pretty creepy and eerie in those grounds most especially at night, but Byron just ignores it until one day, he came across knowledge that one of the houses standing there were not actually occupied, he got curious of it for he is kind fond of old abandoned houses and maybe he can get just a few pieces of historical knowledge there. Well he doesn't really know which one so he has to find it first and that's going to be an adventure through the tombstones.

Byron went the whole afternoon but it seems to be that all of the houses he came to weren't abandoned, well it's time to go home then for it is getting dark and the nightly fog is starting to creep in the cemetery. Byron was navigating through the cemetery's path but because of the fog, he can't seem to see the end of where he was going until he absolutely got lost in there! Byron cannot deny that he is lost now and soon he will be hysterical seeing that the place is now getting pretty scary. Escape players, you are welcome to join in with us here, place yourself on the shoes of Byron and may you all escape the graveyard before this problem here worsens. Good luck!

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