Hunting Tribe Escape Game

Hunting Tribe Escape

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Hunting Tribe Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Avm Games for more dose of fun rescues here and potentially a daring one too. Best of luck!

The hunting party of the tribe was on the move around the forest but in the middle of it, they were confronted by an unexpected forest fire! Luckily, there was a nearby village and they were rescued by it for the fire is getting more dangerous. At the moment, the hunting party is in the village's castle and as a person who is a caretaker there, Rio was concerned that the tribe's family might be in-danger, so he came to them to ask where the exact location of their tribe so they can be rescued well unfortunately, there was another problem with them too!

The hunting party got lost in the castle and it must have been they were in a hurry to leave so they can rescue their families! But as a result, they just got lost in the place. The castle here is like a maze and for the inexperienced, this place can be a death trap for them. Luckily, Rio is already an expert of the castle here and he has the job to rescue the tribe's hunting party as quickly as possible. Enjoy then everyone and may you rescue them all.

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