The Big Cemetery Halloween Escape Game

The Big Cemetery Halloween Escape

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Join us here on this fun adventure on Halloween! The Big Cemetery Halloween Escape is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game released by Mirchigames. Have Fun everyone.

Halloween is still up and as a treasure hunter, Davidson must continue on his time-crisis of a hunt for the treasures he is looking for are scattered across a remote area, and those items can only be detectable during Halloween's day! That's one tough challenge given to him but he chooses to do it for he had vowed to his father who already passed that he'll finish what he started. The ones that are Davidson was hunting are rumored to be just in the area and they only appear during that time of the year, but another concerning thing about that too is those treasures are not just hidden away in some old closet and as a first of his quest, he must enter a spooky old cemetery which had a giant door on the front.

The old cemetery here is secret and actually pretty ancient, but it's location is designed to be kept from everyone and it hadn't been manned for hundreds of years, which means Davidson is probably the first person who set-foot in there in generations, well he must solve the puzzle of that giant door first for it is not allowing him to enter and get on with finding the first treasure. Come and try this hunt here as well with Davidson escape players, may you enter successfully in a place which hadn't been opened in centuries. Good luck.

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