Halloween Escape From Broken House Game

Halloween Escape From Broken House

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Halloween Escape From Broken House is the newest point and click haunted house escape game from Top 10 New Games for more fun indoor escapes with us. Have fun!

A house in the neighborhood just got weird and nobody knows what happened there and what to make of it now, well nobody would go near it thanks to the rumors. That house was once a good place and people would visit the people living there from time to time, but everything changed when the family moved suddenly and the place had become broken. A recent rumor of that house was about it being active even though there's nobody in there especially on the eve of Halloween. Zack became curious of that and as the local ghost-hunter, he decided to make the place as his next mission.

Finally, the eve of Halloween came and Zack is going to go trick-or-treating, for real ghosts that is. He entered the house and what he saw there were indeed things not for the faint of heart! But he must continue on his mission now for he already started it and he must get this through until the very end. Escape players, Zack is now facing the horrors of the house which was suppose to be peaceful during the day, he can't escape now for the spooks are keeping him in. Care to join in with Zack and see if you can all escape the scary broken house? Good luck then everyone, enjoy the escape adventure on Halloween.


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