Sleeping Kid House Rescue Game

Sleeping Kid House Rescue

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Check-out the house rescue everyone, and may it be a success! Sleeping Kid House Rescue is another new point and click house rescue escape game made by Genie Fun Games. Good luck with us daily.

Neo was just sitting on his front-porch when suddenly, his neighbor came-up to him hysterical! He asked what happened and the neighbor said that when she went outside to get the mail, she saw that the door slowly closed and she just ignored it, but when she came back to her front-door, it wouldn't open. She was absolutely puzzled about it but, she became very uneasy then for her young kid is still inside sleeping in the room! That's why she panicked quickly and asked the nearest person she can see for help.

Neo was a good person and even though this was kind of a weird situation for him, he still helped as best as he can. Neo was given the situation that the main-door is locked and his neighbor's kid is still inside sleeping, that's a good thing for if he is awake, that might get him panicked and hurting himself in the process. Will Neo be able to get the door opened without destroying it? Escape players, you may join Neo here with the daring rescue attempt. Enjoy with us daily!

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