Halloween Escape From Boulder House Game

Halloween Escape From Boulder House

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Come over and try this scary location escape. Halloween Escape From Boulder House is another new point and click spooky houses escape game made by Top 10 New Games. Good luck!

There is a scary area somewhere near the dark forest and there are even houses standing in that place! But nobody knows really if there are people living in such. Chan only got that story from the local library which he visited and it's said that the houses there are made from the cursed boulders which fell from the sky thousands of years ago. Chan thought that's kind of too much, but he still was curious if there was really such a place according to the book he read. Actually there was and upon Chan's tough adventure and data-gathering, he finally arrived to the said place which he once thought was just a story!

Chan saw the houses right before his eyes, they were actually real! But the houses weren't actually welcoming though, it felt very intimidating and he decided then to probably just leave for he could not take it, maybe if he goes now he'll be able to leave with probably his life! Escape players, there are curses among the houses there and who knows how they administer it to a unwitting someone, it could be that if you touch the house then you became cursed! That's why Chan needs to leave now before such things changes his life forever. Care to join in as well and see if you can all make it out of the dark area? Enjoy everyone.


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