Halloween Crow Forest Escape Game

Halloween Crow Forest Escape

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Halloween Crow Forest Escape is the newest point and click forest escape game from Big Escape Games for more dose of fun escapes from a spooky wilderness. Have fun!

The forest is pretty creepy especially on the eve of Halloween, but Tate needs to go there though for pumpkins must be found and decorated to fit for decoration, he also doesn't have another source for pumpkins so he just stuck with wild ones. The forest is filled with strange birds and those were black crows flying in and out even in the night. Weird, but not at all preposterous for the town's lights are blinding and as well as the moon, it was enough light for the crows to see.

Tate was now on the trail of the forest looking for wild pumpkins to put on for Halloween decorations, but the pumpkins there might have already been taken for it had been half an hour now and he can't seem to find the perfect one, there are some but it doesn't look good as decors. As he was moving around, he realized that it's not just pumpkins he can't find, it was also his way out of there for he is now lost! Escape players, Tate was mystified for he knows the forest well and now he is lost? He must find his way back quickly for it is dark and the dangers there are higher at those times. Join Tate on the escape here then and good luck escaping from the spooks!

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