Ruins Forest Escape (Big Escape Games) Game

Ruins Forest Escape (Big Escape Games)

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This forest is indeed interesting but the thing that makes it special is the ruin. There are lots of those in this forest and you want to see all of those. Each ruin has a distinct design but that is not the only thing which is in those ruins. There are also puzzles that you need to solve. The thing is, you have to solve those puzzles before you can get away from here or else, you'll have to stay here forever. That is not the thing that you want to happen so you have to move around the forest and look for clues that can help you for the puzzles. The good news is, there are also items along the way that you can pick up. Those things can be very helpful for your escape so you have to collect those.

On the other note, those objects and clues would be useless if you don't use your logic. You must not let those ruins ruin your day. You have to find the quickest way to escape from here. Ruins Forest Escape (Big Escape Games) is a brand new outdoor escape game by Big Escape Games. Good luck and have fun!

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