Cushy House Escape Game

Cushy House Escape

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Try this rescue adventure everyone! Cushy House Escape is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game from Genie Fun Games. Enjoy!

Houses in the neighborhood here are spaced-out fairly and only one or two can hear another if ever somebody needs help. That's exactly what happened to a man who was Eric's neighbor for when he passed-by his place, he immediately heard the cry for help from that house! Eric was just going to the grocer that day as he passed and that's where he knew from the man that he had been trapped in there for days! Because his phone is down for weeks and his provision supplies are running very low, he must be rescued soon before his situation gets absolutely worst.

Escape players, the man is trapped inside a room somewhere in his house, he needs help quickly for who knows how he is close to being gone forever! Join Eric here then who was the neighbor of the trapped man and place yourself on his situation, try your very best to rescue the man and don't forget to use the best of your skills as well as your logic for a successful attempt with us. Good luck everyone!

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