Green Garden Escape (365 Escape)

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The luxurious villa here is matched and complemented by a vast and deluxe garden near it. This place Richard’s aunt has is really costly as he sees it, but she is rich though and this place will definitely be a no problem for her to create. That day, Richard once again runs around the garden which he does as a kid and his aunt would allow him to. As he goes, he expected to see the gardener there which was his friend already, but he didn’t find him. That’s kind of strange but he still kept pushing, for the day is beautiful and the vegetation is lush, he can breathe well and this just gives him a positive outlook. But as he went though, his smile was slowly disappearing for where he was now was not familiar to him anymore!

Richard kept pushing for he thought maybe when he keeps moving he’ll eventually get to an area familiar to him, but it turned-out to be not the case and now he is definitely lost! Richard was confused for he thought he knew the entire garden already, but was there a place here he haven’t been to before? Maybe there was a new area here in the garden? Well wherever he is now he must not stop or nothing will happen if he just stays there, but this time he needs to be careful, for a wrong path here might lead him further to who knows where. Escape players, come and play as Richard here and see if you can escape the garden safely.

Green Garden Escape is another new point and click outdoors escape game made by 365 Escape.

Walkthrough video for Green Garden Escape (365 Escape)


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