Golf Club Escape Game

Golf Club Escape
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Golf Club Escape is a brand new escaping game developed by the japanese Sonohigurasi. Imagine you are a relatively rich man who had been going out with his wealthy friends for a golf every friday afternoon. On a sunny day when you arrived to your favourite field the owner said they were going to be opened longer than usual because it was the day of the golf's birthday and facilities like this were going to celebrate it this way. You were playing there for hours when suddenly you realized all of your mates lagged behind and you started to lead the domestic championship. You became so elated you contunied to strike excellent shots. In the meantime you were unaware of the surroundings and by the time you reached the last hole the place was totally empty. You wanted to check what was going on with the others but found the entrance of the club locked. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out. Good luck!


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