Find Golf Crocodile

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Adonis has this friend which was quite a different creature, for it is a crocodile and it can’t only walk and talk, it is also very good in golf! Of course Adonis keeps this guy a secret and it even has its own secret room in Adonis’ house. That day, they are going to go golf again which was just in his very vast and exclusive backyard, but something happened though and now it is holding the both of them up in the house.

Adonis’ crocodile friend is trapped in his room! He was now using force and Adonis keeps on scolding him for he can really break the door there. Escape players, Adonis needs your help here now in finding the key to this door. Will you be able to locate that thing so he can get his aggressive friend out of there quickly?

Find Golf Crocodile is the newest point-and-click indoor rescue escape game from 8B Games.

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Walkthrough video for Find Golf Crocodile

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