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Golden Horse 2

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You were out at your aunt's place helping her take care of her animals. Most of her workers were away for a training. She wanted them to keep on growing on their jobs. She didn't want to hire temporary workers since her workers would be back in a few days. So she asked for your help instead. You had been helping her since you were younger. You already knew what to do with the different tasks. Your aunt could leave you alone on task and you'd finish it without much difficulty. But there were times when you wished she was there with you. You were working with the horses, feeding them. Suddenly, they were acting very strange. It seemed like they were sensing something strange from the surroundings. You looked around to find the source of their distress. Yet you couldn't find any.

So you went back to your chores. You thought the horses already calmed down. But after a few minutes, they started acting strange once more. You looked towards the trees and saw a golden horse. You thought it was one of your aunt's horses. So you chased it through the trees but you lost sight of it. You didn't give up though. Play Golden Horse 2 outdoor escape game by Zoo Zoo Games.

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  1. Date: March 8, 2018
    Author: Paula

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