Can You Escape The House 14 Game

Can You Escape The House 14

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You were just walking along the park when you saw a black van passing by. You thought it was quite weird. The last time you saw it, a celebrity was inside. You didn't get to see what he looked like though. The moment people realized it was a celebrity vehicle, they all crowded over it. And they pushed you to the side away from the van. You saw it once more but wondered why people were not crowding over it. You waited for a few minutes more. The van stopped a few feet away from you. One lady passed by it and someone grabbed her. The person was trying to pull her towards the vehicle. You couldn't just watch as this was happening. So you stood up and rushed towards the scene. It was a great struggle. The van hid you from other people.

And the people around couldn't really see you. Finally, the person let go of the lady. However, he grabbed you instead. You were forced to get inside the van. It seemed like they made you sniff a chemical and you lost consciousness. The next thing you knew, you were inside a stranger's house. Play Can You Escape The House 14 room escape game by 5n Games.

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